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5 Important Things


Today, October 27th is my 43rd birthday!! *Pause for birthday applause*¬† Thank you, thank you!! ūüôā

During my wonderful, terrible, comic, tragic, beautiful, ugly, spectacular time on this planet, I’ve been blessed to learn some hard truths.¬† I’d like to share a few of them with you now in the hopes that they can help you on your journey in some small way.


1.¬† Raise a great kid¬†¬†– my aunt once told me that one of the most revolutionary things a person could ever do is to raise a kind, compassionate, conscious child.¬† I think I’ve done that.¬† Hands down, my beautiful & brilliant daughter is my greatest contribution to LOVE on Earth.¬† The love and compassion I’ve instilled and nurtured in her will be passed on for generations and I¬†am proud and grateful.

2.¬† Believe that you’re okay – believe that you are loved and supported, even if¬† you don’t feel it.¬† Even if all the humans around you are seemingly trying to hurt and break you, just know that The Power Greater Than You has only unconditional, unlimited love for you always.¬† That’s a lesson it has taken me a long, long, long, long time to accept. Coming from a background where I didn’t always feel safe and loved it was a hard one for me to integrate.¬† But, we’re okay, my friend. We really are.¬† Always.

3.  Wear a good bra. Period.

4.¬† It’s okay to lock the bathroom door – sometimes (for the sake of your sanity and the safety of those sharing your space) you have to go into the bathroom and lock the door.¬† Have a good, gut-wrenching cry.¬† Smoke a joint.¬† Cry again.¬† My favorite is to light tons of candles, fill the tub with hot water and bubbles and soak it out while listening to jazz and sipping wine.¬† Heaven!! Lock the door and do what makes you feel better. It’s okay.

5.¬† Listen to ‘The Gambler’ – arguably the wisest song lyrics EVER are these ‘You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.¬† Know when to walk away and know when to run.’¬† Thank you, Kenny Rogers!! Those words can be applied to just about any dilemma you are facing in your life.¬† Listen to The Gambler, he knows what the hell he’s talking about! lol

Here’s to another amazing 43 years!! I am grateful for every moment, even those where the blessing/lesson was not immediately evident.¬† Thank You, God! Peace & Love, people.¬† It’s all peace and love.


Mean Girls (and boys)


“Kindness holds the key to the secret of our own transformation and, in the process, of the transformation of the world.”¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† JEAN MAALOUF, The Healing Power of Kindness

Why is our society so mean-spirited lately?¬† I don’t get it.¬† Sure, I understand the appearance of all sorts of calamities prevelant in our world, but is being hateful to one another going to solve anything?¬† Probably not.¬†

I recently watched the reunion show of a reality series starring mostly women.¬† It was awful the way they were talking to each other, talking over each other, cursing at each other and just generally being rude and mean.¬† I’ve seen these shows before and will likely watch again, but it really struck me how mean everyone was.¬† Could images like those, images of ADULTS behaving like spoiled, foul-mouthed toddlers be the culprit in the epidemic of bullying we’re seeing among our young people?¬† My suspicion is that if ‘reality’ tv is not fully to blame, it certainly contributes to the problem.¬†

How can we expect our children to treat each other with loving kindness when they can turn on just about any channel at just about any hour of the day or night and see someone being mean to or bullying someone else?¬† Now, I know your argument, “Well, the tv shouldn’t be raising your children.”¬† Nope, it shouldn’t.¬†¬†Yet, we also know that the average child watches a lot of television, which leaves her vulnerable to the bullying/mean images on a daily basis.¬†

It’s hard to counter the ‘mean is cool’ subliminal message being delivered, but we have to be very diligent about doing just that.¬† Gently pushing the point home that being kind is way cooler than being mean is definitely a worthwhile use of time.¬†

It is my hope that we will start treating each other with more respect and just basic human decency.  Yes, I have some tree-loving, peace-loving hippie tendencies (there, I said it, lol), but this issue should be important to everyone, because it affects everyone. 

Stop being mean.  Just stop it.  When you catch yourself saying or doing something mean, stop and examine it.  Why are you doing it?  You can defend yourself, stand up for yourself or get your point across without being mean.  You really can.  Try it. is the link to Secret deodorant’s site addressing this very topic. Check it out!

I Surrender?


I surrender.”¬† Being a confirmed control freak, those words are tough for me to utter.¬†¬† Is surrender really such a bad word, though?¬† Maybe not.

I wonder how many rich life experiences have been missed or delayed by our reluctance to surrender?¬† Somewhere, right now, there’s probably a person wondering how their life might be different had they surrendered to love.¬† Someone’s wondering what would have happened had they surrendered to the flow of the Universe and stepped away from that job.¬† Surrender: ¬†small word – large implications.

Why is surrender so frightening?¬† Perhaps, because we as human beings always want to know.¬† We want to know when, how, what, why, where, who?¬† We want to know exactly how the thing we prayed for will look, what day to expect it and how it will happen.¬† When you fully surrender, there’s that pesky ‘not-knowing’ factor that we just can’t seem to get past.¬† There’s value in the ‘not-knowing’, though.

The ‘not-knowing’ is where you find Faith.¬† Faith that even though you can’t see it spelled out, you know that if you trust the flow of life, all will be well.¬† And it will.¬† Have faith that the new job or relationship will work out and even if it doesn’t, have faith that there was some learning opportunity there for you.

Surrender¬† and allow all kinds of amazing things into your life, things you may not have even considered for yourself.¬† The easiest path to your greatest good is the one marked ‘Surrender.’

The Mood Changers


Every once in a while here on this lovely planet we call Earth, things suck. lol Yeah, I know, hard to believe, right?¬† Well, today’s offering is all about changing your mood in 5 simple FREE ways that can affect the remainder of your day.

1.¬† Sing and dance!! Nothing puts a smile on your face quicker than shakin’ your booty to some jamming music.¬† Some of my favorites for belting it out and jumping around the house are:

‘Stop In The Name of Love’ by the Supremes (get out that hairbrush/microphone and¬†start singing!)

‘Raise Your Glass’ by P!nk (love love love this song and the message is cool, too)

‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry (nothing cheers me up faster than dancing to the pop fantasticness that is Katy Perry, lol)

Anything uptempo from the Motown era (hairbrush/mic and go!)

Whatever floats your boat. The point is not the lyrics or the genre of music, the point is to get moving and singing.

2. Go outside and look at something beautiful in nature.¬† Take a walk around your neighborhood and just BE with all the beauty around you.¬† I don’t care if you live in a completely concrete environment, there’s gotta be a tree or a blade of grass somewhere near you.¬† Or look up at the sky, that’s nature. The point is to get out of your head and into a space of observing beauty – natural beauty.

3.¬† Go to YouTube and look up videos of babies laughing.¬† Yes, laughing babies. lol¬† Watching babies laugh makes you laugh, which is an instant mood-shifter.¬† Try it!! One of my favorites is the little guy who cracks up every time his dad rips a piece of paper. Priceless!! (I’m totally going to go watch that video after I finish this, lol)

4. Scream into something.  Not SOMEONE, something. lol  Grab a pillow and scream away.  A friend of mine suggested I scream into the freezer one day when I was particularly pissy.  I did it and not only did it make me feel better, I started laughing because I imagined how goofy I looked shouting at the frozen peas. lol

5.¬† Smile anyway.¬† Just stand in the mirror and smile at yourself.¬† Smile.¬† You’re alive. Smile.¬† You’re amazing. Smile.¬† You’re beautiful.¬† Smile.¬† Things can absolutely get better.¬† Smile.¬† Have faith and SMILE.


The Light


The Light

© Ejay Moore


Birthday lunar eclipses

Offer glimpses of my universal worth

Sprang forth from a goddess at birth

Sunlight streams from my head

Starlight beams a path to my bed

Pen sacred scriptures with my tongue

You see, I am the chosen one

of many sent here to be

The Light out of darkness

To set the captives free

Heal the hurt

Find the lost

Mother the orphaned

At any cost

Love the unloved

Strengthen the weak

A shoulder to lean on

Give voice to the meek

Hope to the hopeless

& food to the unfed

this is the path

to which I’ve been led

to suffer fools & the spiritually superior

protect the unprotected & the perceived inferior

of which there are NONE

for ye are ALL gods, bar none

I AM to show the truth

Of who you are

Touch the sky

And light a star

Whole galaxies spin

In the depth of your eyes

The ocean gets deeper

When the world cries

Created from a cosmic mixture

Of carbon and divine

The perfect combination

Of heart, spirit and mind

You are no less than sorcerers

Divine by birthright

Touch the blind that

They may have sight

Serving this planet

Serves your soul

Infinite possibilities & prosperity untold

We are the light of the world

& Truth is that light

We are the hope of the world

& our future is bright.

One Step at a Time


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-Tzu

Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe you CAN achieve your goals?  Do you believe you can have the life you want, the life you are WORTHY of?

Every journey begins with the first STEP.  What STEPs are you taking toward your goals, your dreams, your aspirations?  What do
you want to achieve personally? Professionally? Financially? Spiritually? How will you reach those goals? Do you have a plan? If you have a plan, is it working? Why not?  What if  you took ONE step a day towards your goals.  What if that’s all it took to realize your dreams?

I firmly believe that if we do something, just ONE thing, one STEP toward our goals every day, we can realize those goals.  The challenge comes in being consistent and taking at least ONE small step every  single day until your goal is reached.  Does it have to be a monumental step?  I don’t think so.  It just has to be one positive, productive step towards your goal.  If you move towards your goal steadily, it cannot elude you forever. Eventually, you will be where you want to be.

Move and the way will open.” – Zen proverb

For instance, let’s say you have a weight goal to reach.  What if you took one small step toward that goal every day? What if on Monday, you watched a program  on healthy weight release and took notes.  Then Tuesday, you spent 15 minutes online looking up the nearest gym and getting quotes on membership.  Are those tangible steps toward your goal?  Absolutely!  They are small steps, but they are steps nonetheless.  Would your steps have to get bigger (i.e. start an exercise program, actually join the gym you were researching, changing eating habits, etc.) in order to reach your goal?   Yes, and I believe you can do that by taking your time and progressively increasing the boldness of your steps.

“Slow and steady wins the race.” – Aesop

Just start where you are with what you have and commit yourself to taking ONE step, no matter how small (in your mind) toward your dream every day.  You can do it!! I believe in you.

Move Forward


“One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one’s capacity.” – Renoir


Forward. That one word holds so much power and promise. Move forward.¬† Simple direction, difficult execution.¬† When you don’t know ‘forward where?’, staying where you are seems so much safer.¬† That’s when we utilize our trusted friend, the comfort zone.¬† Sure, the comfort zone box is a tiny bit uncomfortable now, but so what?¬† You’ve got splinters in some weird places from squeezing in and out of that teeny, tiny little comfy box.¬† You stub your toe daily on that one weird corner, but it’s the comfort zone, dammit, it’s comfortable!! lol¬† I know, you’ve come to expect certain things by remaining in that box (which is creepily shaped like a coffin for your soul, I’m just saying).¬† Who knows what could happen with this ‘moving forward’ nonsense?¬† Remaining in¬†your comfort zone assures there’ll be no surprises.¬† Wait, let’s examine that statement.

‘Remaining in your comfort zone assures there’ll be no surprises.’¬† No surprises.¬† The same thing, day in and day out.¬† Stagnation.¬† Depression.¬† Death.¬† A slow, lingering spiritual death over the course of a life not fully lived.¬† The comfort zone becomes a coffin of your own design.¬† Creepy, right?

What’s the alternative to ‘death by comfort’?¬† Life – moving forward.¬† Life moves forward.¬† Even when it appears there’s no movement, life is moving forward.¬† Forward movement means being in the flow in the moment.¬† Imagine yourself walking a marathon – if¬† you stop moving in the middle of the path, the flow is staggered, slowed down and people tend to curse as they try to pass you.¬† You feel out of alignment, unsafe and afraid.¬† But if you keep moving, even at a snail’s pace,¬† you’ll eventually get somewhere.¬† Now, where that somewhere is, rests with you.

Forward movement has its uncertainties, absolutely.  It also has immeasurable rewards.  Success, prosperity and love may be attained with forward movement.  Chances are, the postman is not going to knock on your comfy little crate and hand you a deal from a book publisher, complete with advance check.  See, in order for the publisher to read the book in the first place, a step outside the box would have been necessary.  Writing the book might be your step out. Do it!

Forward movement is the enemy of the comfort zone.  You simply cannot move forward and stay in the same place.  Forward movement requires, well, movement. lol  Even the smallest movement is still movement.  Move like your life depended on it, because it does.

So, pick up that college brochure.  Sign up for that cooking class.  Start writing the book.  Step outside the box.

Life is moving forward, why not join the flow?