Great? Expectations


“The surest way to be disappointed is expectations of other people.”

How much stock should other human beings put in our expectations of them?  I would say ‘Not much.’

Last night, I was talking to my best male friend.  Feeling the human need for validation, I asked him if he thought I was pretty.  Bad idea for my ego. LOL  My expectation, what I wanted to hear was, ‘Ejay, the heavens open up and choirs of angels sing at the mere thought of your beauty’ or something like that.  What I actually heard was the ego’s equivalent of ‘Meh, you’ll do’.  Gut punch! lol

Now, had my expectation of him been more realistic, his reply probably wouldn’t have stung so much. But, because my expectation was as it was, it hurt like hell.  So, the remainder of our usually wonderful, engaging conversation was strained – for me, anyway.  He was blissfully oblivious! lol

I guess the question really is: Should you even impose (spoken or not) your expectations upon other people?

It’s hard not to, though.  As you travel through your day, observe how your expectations (met and unmet) color your interactions with your fellow humans.  You might be surprised.

To my dear friend, JL, I offer you this life lesson: When a woman asks you if she’s pretty, your standard reply from now on should be, ‘Good God, yes!’ lol


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