Judge not… you know the rest and yet, judge we do.  All the time.  It’s not a very endearing quality and our society is lousy with it (wait, is that a judgement? lol).

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to do my very first commissioned piece of artwork.  I met a man at my part-time retail job and I ended up facilitating a creativity experience for his employees.  We talked afterwards and he shared with me that he had always felt such harsh judgement and dislike for people with disabilities.  He felt that there was something ‘wrong’ with them. I must admit, listening to him, I felt my judgement of him rising up (‘How could someone actually feel that way about people who had no control over their physical conditon?’).  So, he goes on to say that his wife had recently given birth to a baby boy who had a physical disability just like the ones he had previously been critical of.  He said that since his son was born that he changed his entire way of thinking and wanted a piece of art to convey that.  I had to tell him that I paint abstracts, I don’t do people.  He said, “I knew you’d say that, but I have a feeling you will be able to capture it beautifully.”  I was touched by that statement.

I worked on the piece for a couple of weeks and when I was finally happy with the finished product, I called my client and told him.  He brought his wife and the baby with him to see it.  He and his wife had tears in their eyes as they stood in front of the piece.  I ended up using mirrors as one of the components in the piece to illustrate the fact that we are judges and the judged at different times in our lives.  I also incorporated the word judgement, but I broke it down like this: judge-me-n(o)t.

Judge me not.   I am who I am, accept me as such.

I think we spend an inordinate amount of time judging other people and their behaviors, lifestyle choices, clothing, ideas, just about everything. Why?  Does it make us feel better about ourselves to point out other people’s differences?

Should it make us feel better? 



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