Move Forward


“One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one’s capacity.” – Renoir


Forward. That one word holds so much power and promise. Move forward.  Simple direction, difficult execution.  When you don’t know ‘forward where?’, staying where you are seems so much safer.  That’s when we utilize our trusted friend, the comfort zone.  Sure, the comfort zone box is a tiny bit uncomfortable now, but so what?  You’ve got splinters in some weird places from squeezing in and out of that teeny, tiny little comfy box.  You stub your toe daily on that one weird corner, but it’s the comfort zone, dammit, it’s comfortable!! lol  I know, you’ve come to expect certain things by remaining in that box (which is creepily shaped like a coffin for your soul, I’m just saying).  Who knows what could happen with this ‘moving forward’ nonsense?  Remaining in your comfort zone assures there’ll be no surprises.  Wait, let’s examine that statement.

‘Remaining in your comfort zone assures there’ll be no surprises.’  No surprises.  The same thing, day in and day out.  Stagnation.  Depression.  Death.  A slow, lingering spiritual death over the course of a life not fully lived.  The comfort zone becomes a coffin of your own design.  Creepy, right?

What’s the alternative to ‘death by comfort’?  Life – moving forward.  Life moves forward.  Even when it appears there’s no movement, life is moving forward.  Forward movement means being in the flow in the moment.  Imagine yourself walking a marathon – if  you stop moving in the middle of the path, the flow is staggered, slowed down and people tend to curse as they try to pass you.  You feel out of alignment, unsafe and afraid.  But if you keep moving, even at a snail’s pace,  you’ll eventually get somewhere.  Now, where that somewhere is, rests with you.

Forward movement has its uncertainties, absolutely.  It also has immeasurable rewards.  Success, prosperity and love may be attained with forward movement.  Chances are, the postman is not going to knock on your comfy little crate and hand you a deal from a book publisher, complete with advance check.  See, in order for the publisher to read the book in the first place, a step outside the box would have been necessary.  Writing the book might be your step out. Do it!

Forward movement is the enemy of the comfort zone.  You simply cannot move forward and stay in the same place.  Forward movement requires, well, movement. lol  Even the smallest movement is still movement.  Move like your life depended on it, because it does.

So, pick up that college brochure.  Sign up for that cooking class.  Start writing the book.  Step outside the box.

Life is moving forward, why not join the flow?


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