The Mood Changers


Every once in a while here on this lovely planet we call Earth, things suck. lol Yeah, I know, hard to believe, right?  Well, today’s offering is all about changing your mood in 5 simple FREE ways that can affect the remainder of your day.

1.  Sing and dance!! Nothing puts a smile on your face quicker than shakin’ your booty to some jamming music.  Some of my favorites for belting it out and jumping around the house are:

‘Stop In The Name of Love’ by the Supremes (get out that hairbrush/microphone and start singing!)

‘Raise Your Glass’ by P!nk (love love love this song and the message is cool, too)

‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry (nothing cheers me up faster than dancing to the pop fantasticness that is Katy Perry, lol)

Anything uptempo from the Motown era (hairbrush/mic and go!)

Whatever floats your boat. The point is not the lyrics or the genre of music, the point is to get moving and singing.

2. Go outside and look at something beautiful in nature.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and just BE with all the beauty around you.  I don’t care if you live in a completely concrete environment, there’s gotta be a tree or a blade of grass somewhere near you.  Or look up at the sky, that’s nature. The point is to get out of your head and into a space of observing beauty – natural beauty.

3.  Go to YouTube and look up videos of babies laughing.  Yes, laughing babies. lol  Watching babies laugh makes you laugh, which is an instant mood-shifter.  Try it!! One of my favorites is the little guy who cracks up every time his dad rips a piece of paper. Priceless!! (I’m totally going to go watch that video after I finish this, lol)

4. Scream into something.  Not SOMEONE, something. lol  Grab a pillow and scream away.  A friend of mine suggested I scream into the freezer one day when I was particularly pissy.  I did it and not only did it make me feel better, I started laughing because I imagined how goofy I looked shouting at the frozen peas. lol

5.  Smile anyway.  Just stand in the mirror and smile at yourself.  Smile.  You’re alive. Smile.  You’re amazing. Smile.  You’re beautiful.  Smile.  Things can absolutely get better.  Smile.  Have faith and SMILE.



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