The Light


The Light

© Ejay Moore


Birthday lunar eclipses

Offer glimpses of my universal worth

Sprang forth from a goddess at birth

Sunlight streams from my head

Starlight beams a path to my bed

Pen sacred scriptures with my tongue

You see, I am the chosen one

of many sent here to be

The Light out of darkness

To set the captives free

Heal the hurt

Find the lost

Mother the orphaned

At any cost

Love the unloved

Strengthen the weak

A shoulder to lean on

Give voice to the meek

Hope to the hopeless

& food to the unfed

this is the path

to which I’ve been led

to suffer fools & the spiritually superior

protect the unprotected & the perceived inferior

of which there are NONE

for ye are ALL gods, bar none

I AM to show the truth

Of who you are

Touch the sky

And light a star

Whole galaxies spin

In the depth of your eyes

The ocean gets deeper

When the world cries

Created from a cosmic mixture

Of carbon and divine

The perfect combination

Of heart, spirit and mind

You are no less than sorcerers

Divine by birthright

Touch the blind that

They may have sight

Serving this planet

Serves your soul

Infinite possibilities & prosperity untold

We are the light of the world

& Truth is that light

We are the hope of the world

& our future is bright.


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