I Surrender?


I surrender.”  Being a confirmed control freak, those words are tough for me to utter.   Is surrender really such a bad word, though?  Maybe not.

I wonder how many rich life experiences have been missed or delayed by our reluctance to surrender?  Somewhere, right now, there’s probably a person wondering how their life might be different had they surrendered to love.  Someone’s wondering what would have happened had they surrendered to the flow of the Universe and stepped away from that job.  Surrender:  small word – large implications.

Why is surrender so frightening?  Perhaps, because we as human beings always want to know.  We want to know when, how, what, why, where, who?  We want to know exactly how the thing we prayed for will look, what day to expect it and how it will happen.  When you fully surrender, there’s that pesky ‘not-knowing’ factor that we just can’t seem to get past.  There’s value in the ‘not-knowing’, though.

The ‘not-knowing’ is where you find Faith.  Faith that even though you can’t see it spelled out, you know that if you trust the flow of life, all will be well.  And it will.  Have faith that the new job or relationship will work out and even if it doesn’t, have faith that there was some learning opportunity there for you.

Surrender  and allow all kinds of amazing things into your life, things you may not have even considered for yourself.  The easiest path to your greatest good is the one marked ‘Surrender.’


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