Mean Girls (and boys)


“Kindness holds the key to the secret of our own transformation and, in the process, of the transformation of the world.”                       JEAN MAALOUF, The Healing Power of Kindness

Why is our society so mean-spirited lately?  I don’t get it.  Sure, I understand the appearance of all sorts of calamities prevelant in our world, but is being hateful to one another going to solve anything?  Probably not. 

I recently watched the reunion show of a reality series starring mostly women.  It was awful the way they were talking to each other, talking over each other, cursing at each other and just generally being rude and mean.  I’ve seen these shows before and will likely watch again, but it really struck me how mean everyone was.  Could images like those, images of ADULTS behaving like spoiled, foul-mouthed toddlers be the culprit in the epidemic of bullying we’re seeing among our young people?  My suspicion is that if ‘reality’ tv is not fully to blame, it certainly contributes to the problem. 

How can we expect our children to treat each other with loving kindness when they can turn on just about any channel at just about any hour of the day or night and see someone being mean to or bullying someone else?  Now, I know your argument, “Well, the tv shouldn’t be raising your children.”  Nope, it shouldn’t.  Yet, we also know that the average child watches a lot of television, which leaves her vulnerable to the bullying/mean images on a daily basis. 

It’s hard to counter the ‘mean is cool’ subliminal message being delivered, but we have to be very diligent about doing just that.  Gently pushing the point home that being kind is way cooler than being mean is definitely a worthwhile use of time. 

It is my hope that we will start treating each other with more respect and just basic human decency.  Yes, I have some tree-loving, peace-loving hippie tendencies (there, I said it, lol), but this issue should be important to everyone, because it affects everyone. 

Stop being mean.  Just stop it.  When you catch yourself saying or doing something mean, stop and examine it.  Why are you doing it?  You can defend yourself, stand up for yourself or get your point across without being mean.  You really can.  Try it. is the link to Secret deodorant’s site addressing this very topic. Check it out!


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