Love for Love’s Sake


‘love unrequited/painful for the heart to bear/just love for love’s sake’ – love haiku by Ejay Moore


LOVE.  Poets write about it, singers warble about it, and painters cut off their friggin’ ears over it. lol It’s a beautiful thing.  It really is. Unless.  Unless it’s unrequited.  Unwanted. Unreturned. Un. Then, it’s a bitch.  Yup.  I’ve been there more times than I care to count.  Loving someone who can’t, won’t or doesn’t love you is not a fun, happy place to be.  Been there, my friends.

When love is good, though. Ohhhhh, it’s REALLY good. lol  Think about how high you feel when you’re in a mutually loving relationship.  ‘Mutually loving’ being the operative words, of course.  I’m going to propose a radical way of thinking about love.  Just hear me out.

We can agree that loving another human being feels good.  So, what if we make that enough?  Now, I’m not at all suggesting that you stay in any sort of physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or sexually abusive situation. NOT AT ALL. Run for the hills if any of that applies to you.  But what I’m saying is, why not love just for love’s sake?  Love because it feels good.  Love because we ARE love.  Just love.  Love from afar.  Love the sound of his/her voice.  Love his/her smile.  Love the smile you get on your face when they call.  Love the way you feel being in that person’s company.  Love the butterflies.  Love the possibilities.  Love the memories.  Even if you know there’s no future with a particular person, you can still love them and enjoy the benefits of being in a loving frame of mind.  I know that last one sounds crazy.  I know.  But what’s the alternative?  Cutting yourself off from love over a heartbreak?  I mean,  you CAN do that for a little while.  But love is our true nature. We are made of love and come from love, so you can’t deny it for too long.  The more love you project, the more love you will ATTRACT.  True story. 🙂



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  1. I LOVE IT! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! The BEST way to LOVE is to LOVE with no thoughts of recieving anything in return! It is our expectations of LOVE that cause us so much pain when they are not met. We all love differently yet we all expect that the ones we LOVE will show LOVE the way we do or the way we WANT them to.

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