Pure Beauty


Today’s offering is inspired by a conversation I had with a friend on Facebook.  I reposted the picture you see here (I did not take the picture) and the exchange that followed went like this:

Becky:  but most of society tells me i’m not….it’s so hard to believe…

Me:  What society thinks of you should be last on your list, right after what one-eyed arthritic squirrels think of you. You ARE beautiful, Becky Steege, inside and out!! True story. ♥


I am Becky. You’re probably Becky, too.  At some point or another, we’ve allowed society to tell us whether or not we are beautiful, smart, popular, valuable, lovable and on and on.  I’m gonna have to call BS on this one.


If we listened exclusively to what society had to say about beauty, we’d all look exactly the same.  Ugh! What fun would that be?   *shudder* I just pictured America filled with surgically-altered, walking Photoshop projects, but I digress.  Our uniqueness is what makes us ‘Us’ and it’s what makes us beautiful.


Of course, there are things I want to change about my appearance AND I can appreciate and accentuate the things that I love about my appearance.  I’m guilty of comparing myself to women I see in magazines and on television, too, I am not above that.  I’m just saying that as time goes on and I grow to truly love myself (ALL of myself, ‘flaws’ and all) that what the latest little starlet is wearing or who’s got the sexiest beach body matters less and less in terms of how I feel about myself.


Some time ago, I started a little ritual just for me.  Every morning, when I make my first trip to the bathroom, I look in the mirror and smile at myself and say in my head, ‘Who’s a pretty girl? I’m a pretty girl!’ much like you would if you were trying to get your pet parrot to repeat it. lol  It’s a fun, silly little thing I do and I enjoy it.  I do it because if nobody else tells me I’m pretty on any given day, I’ve heard it at least once in the most important voice – my own.  The days when I say it, but don’t really feel it, I’m happy to say are in the minority.


If there’s something you want to change about the way you look, do it.  I would gently suggest that you do it for the right reasons and not because of what you think society thinks about how you look.  Embrace not only WHO you are, but HOW you are right now.  If you can’t love yourself as you are ‘flaws’ (and I use the term very loosely) and all, what message are you sending? That you are not worthy of being loved until… ‘Until I lose 10 pounds.  Until I get contacts.  Until I get calf implants. Until I look like her.’ Rubbish!! I wanted to use a much stronger word, trust me. lol


My point is a simple one: You are beautiful exactly as you are in this moment.  You are LOVE personified and that can’t be anything but beautiful.  True story. 🙂


*Dedicated to my friend, Becky Steege, since I put her business all out on the Internet like this. 🙂


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