In(her) Peace


“The mind is never right but when it is at peace within itself.” – Seneca






These days, it seems there is a ‘war on peace’, as strange as that sounds.  Aside from the actual wars our country is involved in currently, individuals are engaged in warfare also – with each other, with institutions, and probably most damaging, with themselves.  A man at peace with himself will be at peace with the world.  If you’re fighting with YOU, most likely you will want to fight with everyone else, too.   You know what they say, ‘Misery loves company’.


I recognize that I am at varying times my own biggest enemy, supporter, detractor, cheerleader, opponent and proponent.  I fight with Me more than anyone else on earth.  Isn’t that crazy?  Yes, yes it is. lol  I fight with myself over the decisions I make or don’t make, over things I say or don’t say, over my fears, over my successes, over my failures… just about everyfreakingthing! It’s exhausting!


The way I stop the fighting is simple: shut up. lol  I shut up the internal dialogue telling me what I should have done, said, worn, painted, blah blah blah.  I shut it up and quietly remember that I’m okay.  Right then, in that moment of quiet contentment and peace, I’m okay.  I breathe in peace and breathe out stress.  I breathe in knowing and breathe out uncertainty.  I breathe in ‘yes’ and breathe out ‘no’.  I breathe in possibilities and breathe out roadblocks.


Occasionally, I’ll do a little visualization exercise with my breathing.  I’ll use ‘lack’ and ‘prosperity’ for my examples.  I imagine a blackboard with ‘lack’ written on it in chalk.  I take a deep breath and imagine actually inhaling ‘prosperity’, then I blow it out through my mouth onto the blackboard, erasing ‘lack’.  I do it several times until all the letters spelling lack have been fully erased.  It may seem silly, but it changes the energy around the issue.  Sometimes, all you need is a temporary shift so you can see it from a different angle.


So, breathe, friends and be at peace.  You’re okay.






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  1. The inner struggle is the toughest one to overcome. I too suffer from the major battles with ones self. As the years have progressed I have become much better at shortening those battles, THANK GOD! Thank you Ejay for some new insight annd new ways to deal with me!

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