Feed or Starve?


“Feed your dreams. Starve your fears.” – Ejay Moore


I recently painted a canvas with the above words.  I started thinking about what that really means.  Your dreams and your fears thrive by one main source of sustenance: attention.

I have spent a good deal of my life focused on the fear-filled ‘what ifs?’ of  life instead of the hope-filled ‘what ifs?’  I had fed those fears so much attention that they were huge!! They are starving now, though.  They are dwindling away from lack of attention.  I’m not sorry to see them go, either.  They were taking up way too much space (and not paying a cent in rent!!) lol.

I’ve shifted my sustenance to my dreams.  Feeding my dreams seems a much better use of my resources than feeding greedy fears.  I find that when I focus my attention on my dreams, not only can I improve my own quality of life, but it ripples out and affects those in my sphere of influence.  Each one, reach one, right?

I don’t think you have to sit and focus on ignoring your fears (seems counterproductive), but time spent focusing on your dreams is certainly time well-spent.   It makes me feel really good to think of all the beautiful possibilities for my life.  I may not achieve everything I dream of and that’s okay.  But if I don’t achieve something, it won’t be because fear stopped me from even attempting it.

My gargantuan fears didn’t get that big overnight, so I know they won’t be gone overnight.  But every ounce of attention I can divert from fears to dreams is a step in the right direction.   Feed your dreams and watch them grow and thrive! Starve your fears and watch them slowly fade to nothingness.





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