Never Give Up!


‘Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking  our potential.’ – Winston Churchill


I am currently undergoing an almost complete overhaul of my whole life, which is scary good!!  Before I got to this point of accepting the changes, I beat myself up for a long time for not being ‘farther along’ whatever the hell that means.  I made the mistake of comparing myself to the swarms of multi-millionaire fetuses we see on television everyday. (“I’m ancient and have been working my ass off to make it and that kid’s 3 and has a recording contract? Are you kidding me?!!”) lol But, I digress.


During this transformative period, I’m reminded daily to never give up.  I love writing and I love expressing myself through painting and photography – this is who I am.  I know that I will make it  and I will not give up.  Before I got to this point, though, there were days where I was SO over it!! Gratefully, for every BS excuse I came up with to give up on my dreams, I saw examples of people who had persevered and I had to appreciate them for that.


‘I’m too old’ – the Delany Sisters gave an oral account of their remarkable lives at the ages of 101 and 103 for their NY Times bestseller ‘Having Our Say’.  It’s never too late to do something great!

‘They’ll say no’ – Jack Canfield’s ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book was rejected by over 100 publishers before being picked up.  All it takes is one ‘Yes!’

‘It’s too late for me’ – I recently heard Jane Fonda say that she felt she didn’t really come into her own until she reached her 60’s.  There’s time!

‘I can’t make it because of my race and gender’ – two words: Oprah Winfrey.  Everything is possible.

I greatly appreciate the examples of the aformentioned persons and so many others who never gave up.  If they can live extraordinary, fulfilled lives and help and inspire other people in the process, why can’t I?  Why can’t YOU?  We can!


So, do the BIG thing! Dream the big dream and set about making it come true and never, ever give up.  It’s not too late!



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  1. Thank you, Ejay! Witnessing your journey has motivated me to keep striding in mine. It is NEVER too late, thank you for the awesome examples and uplifting message!

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