What Competition?


“Just thinking of recent post interactions with New Bruce and J Sheree Dawson … there really IS enough fame, money, recognition, accolades, success and prosperity to go around.  I don’t understand those artists who feel that they can’t help promote someone else because it takes away from THEM.  That’s just selfish.  Even if there is another photographer out there who photographs the exact same things I do, the end result will be different because it was filtered through ME, not them and vice versa.  I am in competition with NO ONE except the best Ejay of yesterday.  That is all.”

I posted the above on Facebook the other night after sharing a couple of links to other artist’s work on my FB page.  I wanted to expound on the topic a little here.

I know that here in our great and powerful America, just about everything is a competition.  We have televised competitions for everything from cooking to fashion design.  I love a good competition show as much as the next girl.  I mean, watching the creativity it takes to make a cohesive meal from gummy worms, spinach, pasta and plums on ‘Chopped’ on the Food Network is exhilarating! Love it!! 🙂

However, what does competition really accomplish?  Yeah, I know you’re probably saying, ‘It proves who’s the best.’ lol  But does it really?? Let’s look at sports since that’s the analogy most people will relate to.   On Michael Jordan’s worst day on the court, another player could have been having his best day on the court and beat Michael, right?  Does that isolated incident prove or disprove greatness?  I would say, ‘Nope’, because you could pit those same two players against one another on a day when Michael was at his best and the other player at his worst and the outcome would be totally different.  Right?

We can’t waste time and energy competing and comparing.  We all have different strengths, gifts, talents and even weaknesses.  I can admire what other people have achieved and use their lives to motivate me to be my best self, but without competition.  There will always be someone who is ‘more’ of something than I think I am.  It doesn’t take away from my talent for me to admire someone else’s talent and even help promote it if I can.

I am my only competition.







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  1. thanks for mentioning me.. i enjoy your blogs and find you to be very enlightening. i totally agree with this… most true artists are their own competition, and worse critics… some people feel if they help others , they will be forgotten or lost in the shuffle…i think that is insecurity and is very pointless. as independents as we are, need to be more supportive of each other… i admire and appreciate you and will support you any way i can possibly do it… many blessings and Godspeed to your dreams…

  2. In my best imitation Barry White voice, “rightonrightonrighton”. We are so busy being competitive and comparing ourselves to others that we don’t appreciate whatever unique gifts they have to offer. And what a wonderful world it would be if everyone gave props to anyone who has ever put forth any creative energy in making this planet more beautiful. Thanks dawter!! You are the enlightener!! Love & kisses, Mom.

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