Moving Forward February!


Hey, we made it through the first month of 2012! Yay, us! We’re awesome! 🙂


How are you doing on your resolutions?  Did you stick with some and let others lapse?  No worries, friend.  Remember, you can ALWAYS START OVER.  Every day is brand new and full of opportunities for forward movement.


I really moved in January – literally and figuratively.  I started working with a personal trainer and took other steps to improve my physical health, had a major breakthrough with my mom (see ‘Compassion’ on 1/8), worked through some issues with my good friend Terri, and got crystal clear about the direction I want my life to take.  There’s always more to do and I’m READY!!


So, let’s embrace this fantastic Moving Forward February!  This is a leap  year, so we have an incredible extra 1,440 minutes in this month to decide what we want to do, be and have.  Let’s move forward fearlessly!! Yes!!




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