Monthly Archives: March 2012

Love or War?


“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” – William Shakespeare

‘War’ seems to be the buzzword of the last few months (years?).  Depending on your partner in conversation, there is a supposed (real? perceived? imagined?) ‘war’ on Christianity, women’s health, gay people, minorities, Islam, the poor, white men, corporations, Democrats, Republicans, the middle class, the upper class, black men, right wingers, left wingers and on and on and on.

Everyone seems to have chosen her/his/their side in the wars that rage against men (‘men’ in the universal sense, not in the gender sense).  We’re all pissed off and fighting about our ‘thing’, whatever it is and God (or the deity of your choice) help you if you don’t agree with what is clearly the right way (whichever side you happen to be on).  It’s too much.

The International Day of Peace is still six months away on September 21, but what if we got started early?  Be at peace, just for today.  Send silent love to those with opposing views.  See your opponents in a different light.  If that’s too hard, just take a day off from the fight.  I promise the revolution will not collapse without you.

Choose love today.  Even if it’s only for today – choose love.  Namaste`


Safety in Numbers


I recently spent a week in San Francisco.  It was beautiful and I had a great time.  One of the highlights of my trip was a visit to Muir Woods National Monument to see the redwoods.  My friend and I arrived extra early, so as to beat the busloads of tourists (like me, lol).


It was so quiet and serene, almost unreal walking among the breathtaking, majestic trees.  I decided to stop in a spot called “The Cathedral” that is so special that there’s  a sign asking you not to talk while you’re there.  That seemed the perfect place to sit and BE.  I motioned to my friend that I was going to visit for a while and she nodded and went on ahead.  I sat on the bench in that amazing grove of trees, that cathedral and I felt something I haven’t felt a lot in my life – safe.   I imagined that those trees were watching over me, keeping me from harm.  They were loving me unconditionally and I was loving them right back.  Even as I’m typing this, my eyes are tearing up from the memory.  I sat on that bench and cried.  I cried because it felt safe to do so.  I cried for all the times when I couldn’t cry.  I cried because I felt like I mattered  in that moment, at least to those trees.  I cried for all the times when I felt I didn’t matter to anyone.  I felt tiny and expansive at the same time.  I felt hopeful.  I felt like I was going to be okay.  It felt good and I am so grateful to my graceful, leafed guardians for being there for me.


I will never forget my time in “The Cathedral”.