Cave Dwelling


Thus far, May has been an emotionally and spiritually challenging month for me.  On May 1, I observed the anniversary of my husband’s death, May 10 would have been my late grandmother’s 86th birthday, I was working on my solo art show, some of my relationships were in flux and I was feeling overwhelmed.  It wasn’t so much that those dates hit me any harder than they have before, I just wanted to be alone in my ‘cave’.  I wanted some quiet Ejay time, so I disconnected – well, as much as one can in this ‘always connected’  world we inhabit.


I deactivated my FB page and turned off my phone for a while, no blogging, no email, no Internet – just Being.  Thanks to the wonders of the DVR,  I watched a lot of really valuable programming on Oprah’s network that I had missed.  I got caught up on her ‘Master Class’ series and got great lessons from Grant Hill and Ted Turner, among others.  I watched the entire ‘Lifeclass’ series and had some major aha moments.  Over the next few days, I cried.  I meditated.  I wrote in my journal, I gave thanks, I wrote to my husband, I cried some more.  Can you say cathartic?  I needed that time to myself.


I find that whenever I hide out in my cave, my creativity increases at least tenfold.  I got some very cool ideas for new artwork, I wrote some powerful spiritual pieces and just recharged my battery.  I was a cave-dweller for about 10 days or so and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.


We all need that quiet cave time every once in a while.  There’s value in the cave, friends.  That’s where your great ideas live.  That’s where the answers to some of your ‘WTF?’ questions are (lol).  Take some cave time whenever you get a chance.  You deserve it.   If you open yourself up to it, you might be surprised at what you uncover about You.



Go boldly into your cave and recharge, recover and discover.



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