A Friend Indeed




“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” – Jean de la Fontaine






My friend Terri has changed my life and I don’t say that lightly.  Several years ago when she was married to one of my brothers, she suggested I read a little book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’.  I ignored that suggestion for quite a while (I wasn’t ready).  One day, I was visiting their home and it seemed as though that book leapt off the bookshelf at me and I HAD to read it.  Reading that book opened me up to a whole new way of thinking – about the world, about myself and about my relationship to/with God.  Because of Terri’s influence, I embarked on an amazing (sometimes painful and confusing) journey of Self-discovery and spiritual awakening and I am so grateful to her for that.


Not only has she assisted me in moving toward my purpose, she’s been an amazing friend to me and I’ve not always appreciated or recognized that.  She has believed in me when I didn’t have the strength or will to believe in myself.  She has never told me I couldn’t do something even when I was trying to convince her that I couldn’t.  She has listened to me cry and curse (and I’ve done a LOT of both over the years).  She has been a sister to me when my own sister treated me like a stranger.  She has been one of my fiercest supporters and she has offered up the tough love smackdown when I needed it.


I am and will always be grateful to Terri for her support, friendship, encouragement and sisterhood.

Thank You, Terri!








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