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‘I Am’ is the most powerful phrase in the Universe and the most carelessly used as well.   How often have you said, ‘I am broke’ or ‘I am sick’ and not given it a second thought?  I have done it more times than I can count.

Even if you don’t look at ‘I AM’ from a Biblical standpoint (‘I AM’ is God’s name as revealed to Moses) consider that whatever words you follow ‘I Am’ with is what you are affirming and creating in your life.  ‘I am broke’ is affirming a lack of financial resources.  ‘I am lonely’ is affirming a lack of companionship and so on. What you affirm is what you will live.

I would gently suggest being more conscious of how you wield the power of ‘I Am’ in your life.  Use that powerful tool to create something better for yourself.  Speak of yourself and your life in the best possible terms whenever you can.

I know it may be a challenge sometimes to make the leap from negative to positive, so take baby steps if necessary.  For instance, if you are sick with a flu that makes you feel like you’re at Death’s door, it might feel silly and insincere to affirm, ‘I am 100% healthy’ as you cough up a lung. lol  Try a smaller leap, then: ‘I am better and better every day’.

The point is to be more aware of your ‘I am’ declarations and elevate them when you can.  Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Bryan about this issue and trying to bring it home for him.  I think it clicked for him (and me) when I said,  “Every ‘I Am’  you utter is a prayer.”  Consider that.


I am.