My Top Ten


Instead of shamelessly begging you to subscribe to my blog, I decided to offer compelling reasons why you should. Read and enjoy and then go subscribe. No, seriously.  I’m begging you. Yes, you! Do it! Don’t make me come over there. Wait, what was I doing? Oh, yeah,Top Ten… here ya go! lol

 Top Ten Reasons to Subscribe to My Blog

  • 10.  I can spell.
  •   9.  I’m smarter (and taller) than most kindergarteners.
  •   8.  I speak French.  Sort of.  Okay, I’m not fluent, but if you dropped me in France, I could ask for a beer, count to ten and ask for the bathroom. 
  •   7.  It’s a great antidote to a craptastic day.
  •   6.  It’s a great way to start a great day!
  •   5.  I got mad writing skills, Yo! Word.
  •   4.  The Red Lollipop is a superfood.  Look it up.
  •   3.  A baby unicorn is born every time someone subscribes. True story. Maybe. I’m not sure.
  •   2.  I will sing at your wedding if you do.  No, no I do not sing well, but sing, I will. 
  •   1.  I guarantee you will find something here that speaks to you, inspires you, tickles you and may even help you in some way on your daily journey through life.

*Note: None of the above claims have been evaluated or proven by the FDA, YMCA, Tea Party, INS or Yoda.  

There you have it, ten great reasons to subscribe to The Red Lollipop!!

Read. Love. Share. Subscribe.  Please & Thank You! 

Twitter: @EjayMooreArt


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