tuliplightIt can be a challenge to remember to lean towards the light when things are not going well.  I have a tendency to go to ‘OMG, what am I gonna do??!’ before I chill out and lean towards the light- the Light being a more positive mindset, way of thinking or attitude in general.  It’s easy to get caught up in the muddy darkness of negativity and let it hold sway over you.  I know, I still do it from time to time.  If you can remember that there IS something better and just let your mind rest there, even if only for 60 seconds if that’s all you can muster. Do it.  Just let the light shine on your face for a moment.  Stand outside in the sun for a minute.  Listen to a favorite song.  Read a loved spiritual text.  Lean towards the light, friends.  



Twitter: @EjayMooreArt


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