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Held Together




Held Together
by Ejay Moore

She was held together by her mama’s prayers
and her baby’s smile
Her grandmother’s ashes traced a heart over her heart
as if fortifying it
strengthening it
The chants of her ancestors
wove a beautiful tapestry
of songs & poems
& tales of wild women who run
Her daddy’s hair weaved through her own
like spider webs covering a dogwood tree
That was all she had of him
She was held together by hymns hummed
and Psalms remembered
Held together by the love of a man who was gone
Held together by dreams for her
baby girl
Held together by elevated expectations
of what it meant to be –
somebody’s mama
somebody’s daughter
somebody’s sister
somebody’s friend
somebody’s role model
somebody’s everything
somebody’s something
All the time she looked so
held together
She was actually