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Our Lady of Perpetual Beauty



Several months ago, I started a not for profit organization called ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Beauty‘. This organization was born of a simple (yet powerful) purpose: To uplift, encourage and empower women and girls through guided creative expression.  I strongly believe that art is my ministry.  We all have one.  That thing we do as only we can that helps, shapes and changes the world and those around us.  That’s your ministry.  What is yours? Have you even thought about it?  It’s okay, when it’s time for you to step into it, you’ll know.  It may not necessarily be an easy transition, but it’ll be worth it to bring your gifts to the world.

When I started OLPB, I had a full-time job with benefits, making a decent salary.  I was trying to work my organization and my job and not making much headway on the former.  I wrote in my journal one day, “I can’t work on my organization if I’m working at Michaels full-time.”  A few days later, I lost my job.  Shit! I wasn’t expecting that! AND, I kind of asked for it, huh? Absolutely, 100% YES, I did.  We ALWAYS get what we ask for.  Now, between me, you and the lamppost, I would have preferred a kinder, gentler transition from job to NO JOB, lol.  But it is what it is.  I asked and I received.

Since transitioning from unemployed to self-employed, I’ve had some MAJOR struggles with fear and doubt AND I’m still plugging along.  I’ve had struggles, and I’ve also had victories.  I have clients lined up for the summer which is fantastic! How am I gonna pay my bills until then? No idea.  I can’t focus on that, though.  I have to freak out, cry, curse (a lot of cursing) and keep it moving.  I have a ministry to run.

If I can help one little girl or one woman see and celebrate the power, purpose and beauty she possesses, then, it’s all been worth it.  Namaste`



If you’d like to make a donation to Our Lady of Perpetual Beauty, you may do so at https://igg.me/at/TyUpkFoA6gs .  Thank you in advance.


You Are Perfect!


20101207_88“You are perfect!”  Sit with that for a moment.  You. Are. Perfect!  Do you feel some tension in your body?  Do you hear a voice denying it?  Do you feel ridiculous thinking it, much less saying it?  Well, that’s your ego and for the duration of this reading, we’re going to lovingly tell her to STFU!  Read on.


YOU are perfect.  Not the small ‘you’ comprised of superficialities such as physical attributes, cultural make up, race, gender, intellect, financial standing – none of that.  No, I’m speaking of the BIG  YOU – the ‘All that YOU are’ which sprang forth from ‘The Great All That Is’ – that YOU is perfection!  Complete. Whole.  Perfection. Right here. Right now. Always has been. Always will be perfection.


You were created from Perfection and so YOU cannot be otherwise.  We live in a world that would have us believe that we are just walking, talking bundles of ‘wrong’.

Not thin enough? Not light enough? Not dark enough? Not sexy enough? Not rich enough? Not smart enough? Not enough? Well, we have just the thing for you!! And if you order NOW, we will double your order, just pay separate shipping and processing and you can fuck up someone else’s sense of self-worth too!! 

We spend so much of our lives trying to be ‘more than’ to compensate for feeling ‘less than’, all the while ignoring the Divinity that we already are.


This realization came to me (again) today while talking to a dear friend on the phone.  After we hung up, I went to the living room to find my daughter.  I told her to look at me and with tears in my eyes told her the following: ‘You are perfect.  Nothing needs to be added to you.  You are perfect as you are.  You come from a Perfect Source, which makes you perfect in all ways.’  She nodded silently as I spoke.  I asked her, “Do you believe it?  Do you accept it? and Do you receive it?”  After each inquiry, she nodded again.  She asked, ‘What was that about?’  I told her that I had NEVER ever had anyone in my childhood tell me that it was okay just to be ME and that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with me.  I told her I grew up constantly feeling judged for not being ‘enough’.  I was never told I was perfect and I wanted her to have a different experience.  She has grown up with me telling her that she’s brilliant and beautiful and that she can do, be and have anything her heart desires.  I just wanted to add the cherry on top of ‘You are Perfect’.  I hope she heard me.


I hope you, dear reader, hear me too.  You Are Perfect.  Revel in that.  Roll around naked in it.  Scream it at the top of your lungs, but whatever you do – Believe it!!


‘Divinity cannot be improved upon.’ – Ejay Moore





MY Trayvon






The sweet, smiling face you see to your left is that of my nephew, Trayvon (his name is spelled differently, but I chose to spell it the same as Trayvon Martin for this piece).  MY Trayvon is probably twice the height and weight he was in that picture by now.  He’s a tall, handsome young man.  He’ll always be that mischievous little joker in the picture to me, though.  MY Trayvon is a typical teenager – trying to appear aloof, but will smile like there’s no tomorrow at family gatherings when reminded of the dimpled cutie in the picture and the silly things he used to say and do.  He’s no saint, by any means (but who was as a teenager?).  MY Trayvon has had his share of challenges with high school and staying on task, his choices in friends raising my brother’s eyebrow a time or two, I’m sure.  He’s a teenager.  He’s a Black male teenager in America and I worry for him.


I worry for him because he’s growing into a man in a country that doesn’t appear to value or respect not only his right to be here, but his right to LIFE itself.  And look, I don’t want to get into a discussion of the GZ trial and whether or not the verdict was just, that’s not what this is about.   This is an aunt expressing her worry and concern for her nephew and the millions of boys/young men across this country who look like him.  The issue of the seeming lack of racial equality in America bucks against the very core of my spiritual beliefs and I feel conflicted.


I  believe 100% that the Universe is a kind, loving, abundant and beautiful energy and that we all – ALL come from it. How do I balance that belief with my experiences as a Black woman in America?  How do I believe that ‘all is well’ while experiencing the contrary?  How do I believe that ‘I am worthy’ while imagery, attitudes and behaviors of my fellow humans suggest otherwise?  How do I believe in the unfailing goodness of God while experiencing the lack of compassion and love from other human beings?  How do I continue to believe ‘We ARE One’ while bombarded with (again) imagery, attitudes and behaviors that support and encourage separation?  See. Conflicted.


As I sit here, I’ve typed and erased this paragraph several times, trying to find the words.  You know, I’m NOT conflicted.  I choose to continue to believe in the beauty of God, even while confronted with the ugliness of man.  I want to believe that Trayvon Martin’s short life will open up channels of discussion- discussions on race, gun control, SYG laws, profiling.  Each time one of these tragedies occurs, it presents an opportunity to have an honest, balls-to-the-wall national conversation about the cancer that is racism in America.


I don’t know what conversations, if any, my brother has had with MY Trayvon about Trayvon Martin’s death, the trial or how to minimize the chances of him ending up in a similar situation.  I don’t know.  But, here’s what Aunt Ejay says: ‘Tre, you are a valuable human being.  You deserve to be treated fairly, even if it doesn’t always happen.  You are not a criminal unless you commit a crime.  Everyone won’t judge you based solely on how you look, but some will.  Don’t let other people’s prejudices determine your destiny.  The Creator of the entire Universe loves you unconditionally and that alone makes you worthy of every good thing life has to offer.’ 




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The Gratitude Jar


gratitudejar“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’, it will be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

One day on Facebook, a post was circulating about creating a gratitude jar.  The idea is to take a plain jar, decorate it and keep pieces of paper filled with things for which you are grateful inside it.  At the end of the year (or whenever you need a reminder) you can take a moment and reflect on how much you have  in your jar to be happy about.

I created the jar to the left and decided that I wanted to write my gratitudes on heart-shaped colored construction paper.  I keep my jar in a prominent place in my bedroom where I can see it every day.  I love that I can SEE all the cool things that have happened to me so far this year.  I also keep a Gratitude Journal and try to write in it daily, but there’s something about the jar and having pretty little hearts that I can pull out and look at whenever I need a quick little gratitude boost.  I think this is a great project to share with children to get them used to the idea of a daily gratitude practice.

It can be a challenge to maintain an attitude of gratitude with so much going on in my life, but I’m getting better every day and any tool that moves me towards that goal is a good thing.

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In the Blink of An Eye


On September 1st, 2012, I put this baby on a plane to Spain.  Yes, THAT Spain, where the rain falls mainly on the plains. lol  Now, before you alert CPS, I should tell you that this baby is now 20 years old and a Senior in college.  She’s still my baby, though.  It’s hard for me to look at her and not see the bright-eyed bundle of cuteness and possibilities in that picture.


In the weeks and days leading up to her departure, I worried myself into a near-paralyzed state.  She was fine (even excited, imagine that!) while I was a hot mess.    Every Lifetime movie and primetime documentary about American girls going overseas and horrible things happening to them (if they were ever seen again at all) played over and over in my head.  When my mother, sister and I dropped her off at the airport, it was all I could do to refrain from  recreating the most overacted playhouse theater departure scene you could imagine.   Yes, I wanted to fling myself on the floor and grab her legs and beg her not to go, all the while calling on Jesus and any other enlightened beings who wished to intervene on my behalf.  It was a rough one for me.  I cried all day.


Having come from my fear-filled childhood, it was hard for me to imagine that my child actually could be safe out in the world.  What helped me find peace around her leaving was realizing that she has her own intuition, intelligence and common sense to guide her.  Not only did she have those intellectual gifts and strengths, but I truly believed that her father would be with her every step of the way.  What better guardian angel than your dad?  It may seem silly to some, but the thought of my husband watching out for her really did give me solace.


Of course, she had to call me at every check point along the way and we Skype and play Words with Friends regularly, so we’re in almost constant contact.  While this separation has been a challenge for us both, I tell her almost every time we talk that I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I am so happy and proud of my little world traveler! I’m glad that her world view has not been limited to Texas.  I’m glad that she has friends of various races, religious (or not) backgrounds and sexual preference.  I’m glad that her experiences in another country are enriching her life and in turn, enriching mine.  I’m proud to be her mama and I wouldn’t take anything for one second less of our time together.


In the blink of an eye, my chubby baby has become a brilliant, accomplished, traveled, kind young woman and that does my heart good.  I love you, Bubby!! (Yes, she’s going to cringe with embarrassment at that. lol)




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